Gabriella Ribeiro Truman

A child of parents who were both heavily involved in travel, Gabriella was born to do this job.  A seasoned professional with over 18 years of experience in the industry, she began her career as Advertising/Marketing Manager at LibGo Travel’s headquarters for over 6 years, the leading travel wholesaler in the US.  There, she designed and executed creative marketing programs and plans for a wide variety of hotels and tourist boards, while managing relationships with air partners as well.  Gabriella has extensive knowledge of a wealth of destinations around the world, has visited hundreds of hotels globally so chances are she is quite familiar with your product as well.  A graduate of Boston University, Gabriella also holds an MBA in marketing.

In 2003, Gabriella launched TRUMARKETING, an innovative boutique sales and marketing firm where she utilizes her expertise and contacts in both travel and the media to her clients’ advantage.  The firm represents tourist boards, destination management companies and hotel partners around the world, and is dedicated to bringing each partner creative solutions and increased distribution channels, while integrating their needs into an overall campaign including promotional opportunities and tactical sales efforts.  Her passion for travel is unrivaled, and her enthusiasm about this industry is refreshing and exciting.

The TRUMARKETING Team consists of 7 seasoned travel industry professionals, based in key critical markets around the world, delivering maximum coverage for your product.

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